Friday, November 6, 2009

Holiday Collectibles.

If you're in search of the perfect gift that really says Happy Holidays to your friend, special loved one or client, here are a few of our "Holiday Collectible" suggestions.

Large format bottles - Newly expanded selections of 1.5 L and 3 L wines are perfect for a wine aficionado.

Older wines - for someone who has everything and doesn't want to open an older vintage wine in their collection, it would be nice to give them a wine that already has bottle age on it.  Contact me and I can help you choose something ideal!

Single Malt Scotch - Many wine aficionados are also scotch aficionados. Pair a nice bottle of wine with an aged scotch for a great duo.

90-point wines - Consider putting together a collection of wines in a basket or a recycable wine tote with ratings of 90-points or higher. That gift will really stand out.

Please contact me with any questions regarding these Holiday Collectible concepts.  Email me at  And Happy Holidays!


  1. Another gift idea, if you have a friend who likes to travel: put together a gift basket containing a small collection of wines from different parts of the world. On the gift card, you could call this "a vacation trip in a basket" or "the Grand Tour of wines."

  2. Throw in a travel book and it makes it even better.