Monday, October 5, 2009

Wines For Tailgating!

We picked 3 wines with typical tailgating food in mind; hot dogs, burgers, chips, etc. All the sorts of food you would find at the Superbowl. But in doing research we found that there is a small uprising in people tailgating before Operas! We find it a bit odd, but as a play on that sort of person who is tailgating, but enjoys the finer things in life we also selected a nicer bottle of wine that plays on football.

2006 De Lisio Quarterback, McLarenvale, Australia. A red inspired by the wonderful things that can be accomplished with a little well orchestrated teamwork, Quarterback is a blend of Shiraz, Cabernet, Merlot, and Grenache. The result is a full bodied red with scents of smoky cedar, spice and black fruit. The deep red palate is riddled with hints 0f clove and ripe opulent fruit. This wine speaks to the tailgater who loves the finer things in life. So kick back in your fold out chair in the parking lot of your favorite football team while your steak sizzles on the grill and enjoy the teamwork behind the Quarterback. Under $25.

*A quote from the winemaker should you want to use it “Tony De Lisio,” “Celebrate when your team has achieved that glorious win, it is useful as a reminder of what can be achieved with teamwork.”

2007 Ravenswood Zen of Zin, Sonoma County, California. This bold, smooth red wine instructs on its back label to "Pour often." Especially among friends. Perfect instruction, I think, to bring this wine along with you the next time you tailgate. It’s deep cocoa, toffee and blackberry jam flavors accentuate the roasted charred flavors of your boldest grilled creations. Casual and easy, this wine is perfect for the tailgater surrounded by friends. Under $12

2007 The Crusher Chardonnay, Clarksburg, California. Just because you feel like white wine doesn’t mean you can’t tailgate too. Pale golden in color this white is rich with vanilla bean and custard notes, layered with tangerine and pear aromas. The palate is rich and textured with tropical notes of coconut, guava and papaya. To round things out it finishes with crisp red delicious apple and baked apple pie flavors. The Crusher is full and creamy with a backbone tough enough to handle the hearty foods you encounter while tailgating without sacrificing the delicate flavors you crave. Under $15.

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