Monday, October 5, 2009

"Wining" About Holiday Gift Giving?

Oh the holidays! Once it starts to get cold and before any snow hits the ground most people are happy that the season of giving is on the way. “This will be the year!” you think, “This will be the year I will get everybody something thoughtful instead of a generic gift card.” It’s a month away if not more at this point. You’ll have time…..right?

But, the reality is that you are a busy person. Between home, work, your pets and social life who has time to walk around a mall or drive from one boutique to another? That’s why at The Savory Grape we’ll do it for you. With the ability to ship to all but 9 states (those whose laws prohibit it) and the ability to hand deliver anything within the state of Rhode Island we can make your gift giving painless.

For starters we offer a selection of charming themed gift baskets to choose from. Do you have a friend who recently traveled to France? You could send them a “Viva France” basket complete with extra virgin olive oil. Available as low as $35, we can make the basket as small or as extravagant as you like. Want something unique? Call or e-mail us your specifications. If you have a friend who loves chocolate, but is allergic to nuts and only likes wine from the Pomerol appellation of Bordeaux, France we can create something tailored. If you’re running even shorter on time our gift baskets are available for sale online as well.

Another thing we offer at The Savory Grape is our Savory Sipper Wine Club. Especially if you are a Rhode Island resident you understand how frustrating it is to not be allowed to be part of wine clubs from California or other parts of the US because Rhode Island is one of the many states wine cannot be shipped to. To allow Rhode Island residents that same luxury we offer a wine club that can be hand delivered to your door. Available in 4 levels (The Explorer, The Enthusiast, The Connoisseur, and The Collector) our wine club memberships are a great way to try new wines or add to your collection. Just like our gift baskets, memberships can be purchased online. So, for your friend who loves wine, but doesn’t know where to begin exploring, a membership where they get 2 bottles of wine a month complete with vineyard history, tasting notes and a recipe perfectly paired with their wine could be the perfect gift.

We understand that you are a busy person so let us tie the bow, dot the “I” on the gift card and fluff the tissue paper. Our goal is to make every gift a unique special one without costing you the time it would usually take to put it together. Who knows? You may not buy one gift card this year.

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