Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Give The Gift of Wine

Holidays are times to give thanks and also times to celebrate. We want to offer ideas that will bring joy to your family and friends - wines that will bring people together...for holidays...for all year.

Whether or not you are ready, the holidays are here!

If it's hard to know what to give to a friend or loved one this holiday, it sometimes is even more difficult to know what to give "the boss" or a corporate client.

Does a great bottle of Barolo, Magnum of Chateauneuf du Pape or 90-point rated California Cabernet convey the appropriate message? Or would a wine basket say it better?

We look forward to helping with your gift giving - corporate or personal. The Savory Grape is proudly selected to help many RI and national companies choose the perfect holiday gifts - whether it's 50 wine baskets shipped out-of-state or a single bottle delivered to Smithfield.

To plan your orders, please contact Jessica Granatiero (jessica@thesavorygrape.com) or Sabrina Solares (sabrina@thesavorygrape.com).

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